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China is growing rapidly into a more consumer and market-driven economy and we are seeing swelling numbers of businesses both new and old, taking shape and expanding beyond belief. It is additionally significant to mention that China's technology sector is ever-expanding and showing an overwhelming increase in the number of people utilizing it. The expansion of both the technological and physical consumer market offers a noteworthy increase in the potential for opportunities in the trade and investment industries. As the Chinese economy grows, it is quickly expanding beyond their domestic boundaries.

Sino Solutions Capability

At Sino Solutions, we understand globalization challenges and are fully prepared to meet them head on. We take your business needs into mind and then our team works hard to promote the full globalization of your company through the use of innovation and strategic planning, and the use of the most advanced, proper and efficient, digital technology. Formed in 2015 with offices in both Singapore and Shanghai - with Singapore being a world's thriving business hub - We pledge to respond to the growing need for globalization among businesses around the world. In fact, at Sino Solutions, we are 100% committed to constructing strong bridges that will serve as international connections, growing and flourishing, inevitably shaping tomorrow's business landscape for the better.

Where we step in

Sino Solutions specializes in providing consulting services in order to provide the necessary connection between outside businesses and China's market. Being that the Chinese markets are constantly exceeding growth expectations while simultaneously becoming a leader across a variety of different sectors, we help businesses strategize to bridge this gap and keep up with demand. Our dedication is perfectly represented by our three business scopes. For starters, we provide the necessary consultations to businesses who wish to start opening up their market to the worldwide market, and more specifically, to China. We additionally perform digital social media marketing to assist with your online presence. Secondly, we provide product sourcing complete with inspections and speedy shipping, with the export of Chinese goods and abroad. Last but not least, we act as a trading inter-medium in China for foreign businesses.

A commitment to a global marketplace

At Sino Solutions, we have a firm belief in a global future, where the marketplace is accessible worldwide with positive relationships between countries and business agreements. Our commitment is highlighted in both our arduous work and excellent customer service.


"Easy communication, reliable and trusted. Product sold were great quality, cost savings and perfect for our home-based business."

by Farah Lee
Owner of Cards & Gifts

"Found us a great T-shirt supplier/printer to supply and customized T-Shirts as as per design required…"

by Thom Desouza
Owner of Printing House

"I am continually pleased with Sino Solutions products and services."

by Ian Lee
Taobao Seller

Our Services

Digital Consulting

Digital internet consulting and social media marketing in China. Focus on strategic planning, setting up, brand building and launching successfully on China digital media platforms. Provides support for weChat and Tmall setups. Launching “Our APP Heylaowai a mobile platform that integrates English services and provide one stop platform for expats and inbound tourism in China”

E-Commerce Trading

Trading sales for Chinese local made products to E-Commerce Ebay business operators in Singapore, South East Asia and Australia. We take in purchase orders, processed and shipped out Party and Baking supplies. We provide excellent products, cost savings bulk discounts, offer low direct prices and reliable timely logistics.

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing for E-Commerce Ebay or Online-based business operators. Good sourcing network in China for Baking and Party supplies. Cost savings and efficient procurement of goods. Factory products and quality inspections. Knowledge of negotiation and cost analysis. Interacts closely with suppliers to receive updates. Pre-shipment inspection. Provide warehouse to combine shipment from different suppliers or re-pack shipment and shipped out timely to our customers.

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